We Stand for Change – Deux Reines

We Stand for Change

Let’s have a conversation about BLM.

Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery... just a few names that you may have heard this year revolving around racial injustices within the Black community.

As a Black owned business, it is essential that we bring awareness to our customers, along with letting our community know that we stand in solidarity with you.

Many people around the country have been stepping up and raising their voices to demand change by participating in peaceful protests, starting online campaigns, donating, educating themselves, volunteering, and holding space to have these conversations amongst their peers.

If you are seeking change and would like to contribute to the cause, we highly
encourage you to support programs and movements that support racial justice and equality. Shop with black owned businesses, support community change, sign off on policy reforms, donate to organizations that are fighting to end systemic racism... all of these are great ways to help out and do your part.

With solidarity, we can create great change for a greater life within our communities.